Compliance Education, Training & MA Credentialing: THE Solution!

With all of the uncertainty and continued regulation in the industry, practices are concerned and overburdened with compliance. One thing I have noticed is how many practices think they are in compliance when in fact they are not. This is especially true when it comes to HIPAA, OSHA, Corporate Compliance, and Human Resources.
To assist our clients and other medical practices with their compliance efforts, I have teamed with Healthcare Compliance Pros (HCP).  Through my membership and board status in the National Society of Certified Healthcare Business Consultants, I have been able to arrange a highly discounted rate for my clients.  If you were to obtain this service on your own, your costs would actually be more than double the price.  We are also adding more services all of the time.
This MA Credentialing program addresses the issues I mentioned in a previous article.  MAs that are credentialed through this program ARE GUARANTEED to qualify for CPOE requirements for Meaningful Use per CMS documented requirements in the Federal Register.
HCP has been the leading provider of compliance programs and training to the medical community for over 10 years.  HCP currently works with thousands of healthcare providers, large and small, assisting them with their specific compliance needs. HCP can assist your practice in creating, implementing, and managing your compliance program. HCP actually becomes your compliance partner and is with you every step of the way.
Here are a couple of links to brief intro videos that should prove advantageous and informative.
Welcome Video:
Office Admin Overview:
Here are the details of the compliance education which includes:
·         OIG/Medicare Fraud, Waste & Abuse
·         OSHA (All areas & Hazard Risk Assessment)
·         HIPAA Privacy & Security & Security Risk Analysis
·         HR
·         ICD-10
CME credits are earned as well.
There is an initial $250 (one-time) set-up fee (billed by HCPros) which includes 1.5 hour review and education session for acting compliance officer of the practice. Annual $30 fee for each employee (if you lose an employee, you can fill the spot with the new employeeat no additional costs) This is billed to your credit card annually by HCPros
·         $60.00 monthly fee for 1-39 employees (includes all providers)  This will be billed on a monthly basis from ZetterHealthCare
·         $80.00 monthly fee for 40-99 employees (includes all providers)
·         Contact us for pricing on those with more employees over 100
(We have negotiated a very beneficial cost efficient relationship with HCPros.  If you choose to go directly through HCPros rather than Zetter HealthCare, your costs go to $1000 set-up fee and the monthly fees start at $99 vs our fees which start at $60 a month.)
Education history is kept forever in the system.  It tracks everything, reminds employees (via email) to conduct their own training and education and all is reported online in account for compliance officer. 
Education can be conducted at desk on computer at work (or from home, but should get paid to do this) and can start and stop as often as necessary and it returns you to where you left off.
Very simple and incredibly efficient for office manager/compliance official to monitor.
I have included a sign-up sheet that you can use to sign everyone up if you should decide to take advantage of this.
You will need a credit card to keep on file in the system to automatically charge your annual employee fees and the one-time set-up fee.  The Monthly fee will be charged by our firm on a monthly basis.
If you want to speak to a client who has been using it for some time, I can arrange it.
All Modulesare noted below(additional cost for modulesnot included above) 
Five additional modules may be added to your account for a one-time fee of $100 and an additional $10 per year per employee ($40) or the entire library at $45 per year per employee. Highlighted modules are in the Standard Package.
HIPAA Privacy & Security (CME)
OSHA Safety (CME)
Additional Blank Modules
Allergic Reactions & Anaphylaxis
Back Safety
Basic MRI Safety
Bed Bugs
Coding and Compliance in the Teaching Facility
Communicable Diseases & Infection Control
Customer Service Skills
Diversity Training
Ergonomics in the Office Environment
Evaluation and Management Code Basics
Geriatric Emergencies
Harassment and Discrimination in the Workplace
ICD-10-CM Primer
Medical Assistant Credentialing – Meaningful Use CPOE requirement
OIG/CMS Fraud Waste Abuse
Pediatric Medical Emergencies
Proper Utilization of Autoclave
Radiation Safety in the Workplace
Records Management
TX HIPAA Privacy (Includes HB 300)
Workplace Violence