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PracticeRight Course 2018 
Friday, August 17, 2018, 08:00am - 05:00pm

Speaking for American Physician Institute for Advanced Professional Studies

BuildRight (agenda subject to change)

  • Business Plan Checklist
    • Determine your focus - what type of therapy will you provide; who will you treat (what population/community); what hours will you work; will you utilize e-Therapy/see patients online?
    • Determine your budget; where will start-up $ come from - loan, savings, money from day job?
    • Obtain tax/legal advice – what type of business entity?
    • Provide all forms and templates they will need
  • Space & Staff: The Foundation of Your Practice  
    • What you should look for when leasing an office - (location, size, accessibility to clients, safety); what about buying an office?
    • What you should know about leasing contracts and negotiating the best deal
    • What type of support staff will you need? Can you do it on your own?
    • Common staffing mistakes you should avoid
  • Malpractice Insurance: Terrible Tales about Tails:
    • State Regulations on Medical Malpractice Insurance
    • Know the Difference between Claims-Made, Occurrence, and Claims-Paid Coverage
  • Electronic Medical Records: Practical and Medical-Legal Aspects
    • The Pros and Cons of electronic records for psychiatry practices
    • HIPAA compliance in chart storage and handling
  • Business Insurance and Taxes: You’re in Business Now and What You Don’t Know WILL Hurt You 
    • Costly small business insurance mistakes to avoid
    • Using simple but effective accounting software
    • Accounting tips to make your practice thrive
    • What to look for in an accountant
  • Practice Operations: Practice Power Toolkit for Running Your Practice Virtually on Autopilot
    • Success Story 1: I Started a Thriving Practice in a New Town
    • Success Story 2: A Working Mother’s Approach to Eliminating Practice Hassles & Working on Her Own Terms
  • Managed Care: From Surviving the Thriving
    • The Do’s and Don’ts of getting on HMO panels
    • What to say and do to improve getting inpatient and outpatient authorization for services
    • How to write progress notes that do the job they are designed to do
    • Negotiating better reimbursement – yes it is possible!
  • Get Patients: Use Networking, Marketing, Branding to Rocket Your Practice
    • Public Relations with local media - press releases
    • Get on the radio. It’s cheaper than you think - TV interviews
    • Using print and direct mail ads effectively direct marketing - direct marketing - mail, email, cold-calling; market in writing – books, articles, newsletters, blogs; market in speech - speeches, teach courses; maintain website
    • Networking with colleagues who are your referral sources
    • Establish credibility – make formal announcement, use testimonials, obtain referrals
    • Develop and implement a marketing plan – create marketing strategy – use multiple approaches, establish budget, evaluate results
    • Establish marketing schedule and stick to it


  • Revenue Cycle Management: The Dos and Do Nots
    • How to build a strong fiancial policy in light of changing healthcare payments
    • This program will take you through the entire revenue cycle process from intiial patient contact to full adjudication of the claim
      • Understand how you should set up systems and policies to ensure you collect every dime for services rendered, based on proven policies and procedures from an industry expert
  • Get Paid: Collections Right and Wrong
    • Don’t work for free: Effective Collections that don’t alienate your patients


CLICK HERE for more information and registration.

Location Loyola University Water Tower Campus, Chicago, IL

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A Step-By-Step Guide to Using PECOS
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