Phase 2 Ordering and Referring Denial Edits Coming January 6, 2014


Effective January 6, 2014, CMS will turn on the edits to deny Part B clinical laboratory and imaging, DME, and Part A HHA claims that fail the ordering/referring provider edits.

Phase 1: Informational messaging: Began October 5, 2009, to alert the billing provider that the identification of the ordering/referring provider is missing, incomplete, or invalid, or that the ordering/referring provider is not eligible to order or refer. The informational message on an adjustment claim that did not pass the edits indicated the claim/service lacked information that was needed for adjudication.

Phase 2:  (which was delayed previously) Claims submitted identifying an ordering/referring provider and the required matching NPI is missing will continue to be rejected. Claims from billing providers and suppliers that are denied because they failed the ordering/referring edit will not expose a Medicare beneficiary to liability. Therefore, an Advance Beneficiary Notice is not appropriate in this situation. This is consistent with the preamble to the final rule which implements the Affordable Care Act requirement that physicians and eligible professionals enroll in Medicare to order and certify certain Medicare covered items and services, including home health, DMEPOS, imaging and clinical laboratory.

In Phase 2, if the ordering/referring provider does not pass the edits, the claim will be denied. This means that the billing provider will not be paid for the items or services that were furnished based on the order or referral.

Below are the denial edits for Part B providers and suppliers who submit claims to Part A/B MACs, including DME MACs:

254D or 001L Referring/Ordering Provider Not Allowed To Refer/Order
255D or 002L Referring/Ordering Provider Mismatch

CARC code 16 or 183 and/or the RARC code N264, N574, N575 and MA13 shall be used for denied or adjusted claims.

Claims submitted identifying an ordering/referring provider and the required matching NPI is missing (edit 289D) will continue to be rejected. CARC code 16 and/or the RARC code N265, N276 and MA13 shall be used for rejected claims due to the missing required matching NPI.

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