Revalidation: Medicare & Medicaid

All providers participating in the Medicare or Medicaid (in PA it is known as Medical Assistance) need to be revalidated every five (5) years, unless you are a provider/supplier that needs to be revalidated every three (3) years, which would apply to DME providers/suppliers and a handful of others. 
The providers date is posted on the Medical Assistant Web Site.
Providers may view deadline and enrollment requirements to determine what forms are necessary for their individual and/or group MA numbers.  Federal regulations require that all providers be revalidated no less than every five years. 
A full and complete provider enrollment application with all required attachments is required to revalidate enrollment for each location and group numbers of each provider.
We are looking to hear back from our providers who have not yet completed their revalidations.  Please contact your Account Representative for more information to complete this required process.