Cheryl L. Baer

Healthcare Consultant


Sandy Fettrow

Healthcare Consultant


David J. Zetter

Senior Healthcare Consultant


Jaclyne Zetter

Healthcare Consultant


Amelia Brandt

Healthcare Consultant


We improve your quality of care.

From accounts receivable management, coding procedures and reimbursement analysis, to practice management, personal financial planning and employment benefits structuring — we can help ease your mind and lift the burden on those who want to focus on practicing good health care. Our team of healthcare practice management consultants and financial professionals can help you become more efficient, improve the quality of your practice’s nonclinical care, and increase your bottom line.

Our professionals have extensive expertise in working with all types of healthcare providers from solo doctor practices to group practices to hospitals and healthcare systems.

Our breadth of experience with most medical and dental specialties means we can help you with all the business aspects of your practice. Combining this with our depth of understanding, we become an extension of your practice, a partner in achieving your goals. In this way, we make it easier for you to concentrate on your life’s work and your life outside of work as well. Our team of professionals has nearly one hundred years of combined knowledge and experience in the healthcare industry.

We start by listening.

We listen to understand your specific situation, your goals and your challenges. Then we create comprehensive solutions specifically tailored to your practice and grounded in real-world experience. Our client-focused approach has helped us achieve long-lasting client relationships for more than twenty years.

We increase your profitability.

We perform a thorough analysis of your practice including overhead, payer contracts, fees and coding; and, we’ll let you know how you compare to your colleagues and other practices in your specialty. Our analysis will identify potential cost savings and opportunities for increased revenue. Then, we will develop a comprehensive plan for attaining those savings and additional revenue and assist you in implementing and managing the plan going forward.

We improve your quality of care.

Focusing on the non-clinical aspects of your practice, our healthcare consultants can identify and improve areas that impact your patients’ perception of the care they are receiving. We’ll provide recommendations for improving the quality of non-clinical care which will support patient retention, referrals and, ultimately, revenue and profits.

We improve your quality of life.

We can also address the issues that affect your life. From compensation, benefits and ownership transitions to work environment, personal wealth accumulation and more efficient scheduling of your workday. We can help provide a secure future for you and your practice. Our services allow you to focus on the most important priority — caring for your patients. After all, that is what healthcare is all about.