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Have there been any instances in a private equity investment or acquisition where retention bonuses have been paid to existing staff to keep them on?
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Can you please explain how ‘incident to” billing is done properly?
How do you properly append the modifier -25 on a claim form?
We currently provide health insurance to our staff. Are we allowed to discontinue this benefit and if so, what are the requirements to do so and will there be any penalty for doing so?
We just had an employee have an argument with a patient in front of everyone. How should we handle this?
We would like to implement a drug-testing policy. How do we go about doing this legally?
Do I need a type II NPI if I am a sole proprietor?
What entity type should I choose to set up my new medical practice?
What would be items to consider to include in a newly recruited provider benefit package to attract and retain excellent candidates?
Can you explain what we can do to promote a more proactive revenue cycle management process instead of the same old reactive billing and collection policies and procedures?
We are receiving requests for recoupment from payors on many claims. What can be done to prevent this or to stop this?
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