Carmen Torres

Carmen Torres graduated in 2009 from Apollo College as a Pharmacy Technician. Carmen worked as a data entry pharmacy tech for Express Scripts. She started her medical career at Lovelace Medical Center in 2014 in ER registration and hospital admissions where her interest in patient insurance began. In 2016, Carmen took a position as an insurance verification expert for Presbyterian Hospital, becoming the subject matter expert on patient insurance verification, coordination of benefits and visit filing order.

Carmen trained oncoming staff for the verification department and was sent to clinics and ERs to evaluate registration staff in real time and train them on insurance verification at check in. Carmen lead the buildout of new training materials for all insurance verification and registration staff. In 2018, Carmen was promoted to Patient Visit Specialist where her specialty was prior authorizations for MRI, surgeries, and procedure for the pain and spine clinic. In 2020, Carmen took a position as a Credentialing Specialist and was promoted a year later to be a Provider Navigator and oversaw the credentialing specialists’ team for 9 ERs, 18 Urgent Care clinics and 5 PresNow (ER/UC hybrid).

Jaclyne M. Zetter
Carmen Torres
Credentialing & Contracting Specialist

  • Apollo College