Collaboration in Healthcare

To get to the other side, collaboration in healthcare is necessary.  Payors and providers are going to have to trust each other and share information.  Unfortunately, the payor holds much of the information needed to determine the true outcomes for patients and how it relates to cost.

Payors are going to have to share information they have on the providers and their practices in order to get providers to jump on board this train.  I see it daily when communicating with payors about contract negotiations.  They are reluctant and downright averse to sharing information they have on our clients.  Are we not in this together?  Are we not trying to achieve the same goals?  Better care and outcomes for the patients being seen?  Sometimes I wonder.

There needs to be financial alignment between the two so we can assist each other in achieving the results everyone seems to want, but dare they make the appropriate effort. They may not realize, but collaboration in healthcare is key to both payor and provider success.

In my opinion, the only way to get there is to get the providers on board.  This will never happen unless the payors start sharing the data and educating the providers. 

We cannot get to where we want to go if we continue to keep doing the same old song and dance.