Medical Practice Pro Formas and Bank Lending

If your practice needs financing from a bank, you will need a comprehensive medical practice pro forma to accurately predict your expected earnings. Zetter HealthCare can assist you in creating a comprehensive three to five-year pro forma that makes bank lending easy.

Medical Practice Pro Formas

Pro FormaFirst, we must talk about what a pro forma is. A pro forma is a report that uses specific calculations to estimate a company’s expected income, earnings, and cash flows. Before a company receives financing from a bank, they must show their projected income. Using a series of complicated formulas, Zetter HealthCare creates a pro forma for your practice that you can give to any bank or lending institution.

Business Plans & Forecasting

When you choose Zetter HealthCare to assist with your business plans and forecasting packages, we work with you to create a diverse excel workbook. This workbook is extremely thorough and interactive. It’s also able to forecast your revenues based on the numbers you input. By changing just one number on the spreadsheet, the entire pro forma changes. This allows your company to accurately predict your revenue in multiple scenarios. Our intricate workbooks forecast your earnings well into the future so that they are accepted by any bank or lending institution.

Aside from creating a medical practice pro forma for bank lending, we can also assist your company in building better budgeting and strategic planning. We will meet with you and discuss your business’s financial goals in depth. From there, we can help you create a realistic budget for your business.

For more information and assistance with bank financing, contact Zetter HealthCare at (717) 691-6768.

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