Operational Policies and Procedures

Great medical care isn’t enough for success in today’s healthcare practice environment. You must have a clear set of operational policies and procedures in place to tackle any issues that arise. Therefore, having clear cut guidelines regarding your policies is vital to protect your operation. Above all, you’ll want to protect your practice from an inadvertent breach of Protected Health Information at all costs. Additionally, compliance with federal, state, and insurer requirements necessitate a solid game plan. Consistency is one of the cornerstones of that game plan, both in the treatment of your patients and interactions with staff.

Clear and Concise Policies and Procedures

Our approach

policies and proceduresFirst, we start by getting to know your practice, your staff, and how you operate patient care. Then, we will assist you in developing standardized policies and procedures to address any issues that may affect your operation. Additionally, we will provide education to your staff.

Areas requiring solid policies might include:

  • Administrative (Management Rights, Code of Conduct for All Employees, etc.)
  • Billing and Coding (Complying with Regulatory & Insurer Requirements)
  • Compliance (Protection of Patient Information, Internal Audits)
  • Hazard Communication (OSHA, Infection Control, Bloodborne Pathogens)
  • Medical Record Information Management (Disaster Recovery, Record Retention)
  • Patient Care (Medication Refills, Emergencies, Telephone Triage, Missed Appointments, etc.)
  • Personnel (Payroll, Nepotism, Favoritism, Accidents, Catastrophic Viral Contamination in the Workplace, Working Hours, Holidays, etc.)
  • Safety (Fire Plan, Natural Disaster, Bomb Threat, Visitors in the Workplace, Violence in the Workplace, etc.)

Our team of experts will review current policies, make suggestions for additions, deletions, or revisions, and assist you with writing policies that may be lacking, but required. Also, we will make recommendations on how to best educate your staff and patients and what actions to take if changes in the law occur.

For assistance with operational policies and procedures, contact Zetter HealthCare online or give us a call at (717) 691-6768.

Take Control of Your Practice’s Health

Profitability and longevity come from putting the right policies, procedures and processes in place. Let us help you become the leading healthcare provider in your region.