Overhead Analysis

Overhead refers to the ongoing expenses that are necessary in operating a business. These expenses may not be directly related to the services that the business offers, but they are essential in keeping the business running. For example, rent, utilities, insurance, and billing systems are all essential to a thriving business. However, they do not directly relate to services offered by healthcare organizations. Overhead costs can be extremely expensive and add up quickly. Therefore, it is extremely important that your practice conducts an overhead analysis to maintain these expenses while also earning a healthy profit.

Overhead costs are unavoidable, and every business will incur them on a monthly basis. But they can, however, be managed efficiently and cost-effectively. At Zetter HealthCare, we can help your business reduce overhead costs and become more profitable.

Comparative Analysis

Overhead AnalysisAt Zetter HealthCare we want our clients to be the very best. We use national statistics to compare your company’s overhead expenses to other companies across the country. The statistics that we use are based on specific specialties to match your company’s services.

The statistics that we use to determine what a practice’s overhead costs should be are based on national averages. That being said, if a practice meets, or better yet exceeds those statistics, that practice is considered “better than average”. We strive for all of our clients to exceed the national averages so they can boost their profitability.

With years of experience, Zetter HealthCare knows exactly what each type of healthcare practice should be spending on all overhead costs. Using the statistics above, we can find where your business is overspending on overhead. This will allow your business to cut certain overhead expenses and therefore increase your earnings. We use certain statistics to benchmark your company and point you in a better direction to increase overall revenue, expenses, and profits.

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