Physician Recruitment

Physicians are in high demand. If your practice is beginning physician recruitment you will need to create an excellent recruiting strategy. Zetter HealthCare is here to help. With nearly one hundred years of combined experience in healthcare, we can help you recruit the very best physicians.
Provider RecruitmentWhen you begin to recruit a candidate, make their experience with your practice the top priority. Adding a physician to your practice takes time and effort for both you and the candidate. Show candidates that you are respectful of their time. Try to truly sell them on your practice with plenty of communication and planning from your end. In a competitive market like physician recruiting, you must impress your candidates and give them the best experience possible.

Communication may be the most important part of physician recruiting. Consider asking the candidate what made them join the medical field.

Take the time to learn about each of your candidates’ wants and needs. This may indicate whether or not they will be a good fit for your practice. Additionally, you should prioritize transparency. Candidates ask questions in interviews because they are truly curious about the job and your practice. Just like you, they too would like to see if they would be a good fit.

Physician Recruitment Interview Process

Keep in mind, the interview process is not only for you to determine if the candidate is right for you. The candidate also gets the opportunity to decide if the position is right for them. You must sell the job to the candidates. Let them know about compensation packages, what the employment agreement entails, and give them feedback at the end of the interview. Candidates appreciate an open and honest conversation. You should also ask candidates why they want to work for your practice. This will let you determine if they researched your practice beforehand and if their working style aligns with yours.

During the interview, you should also inquire about the candidates’ family life. Family life plays a huge role in whether or not a physician can accept a job. This is especially true if the candidate has to relocate and has a spouse and/or children. If this is the case, give background information about your community, school systems, and professional opportunities for the candidates’ families. This can go a long way when deciding whether or not to relocate for a job.

After the interview, be responsive to your candidates. If they send an email after the interview, follow up with them. Communication and efficiency goes a long way with physicians and can allow you to hire physicians quickly.

Becoming an Employer of Choice

When hiring a new physician, the goal is not simply to bring them on board but keep them on board. Becoming an employer of choice amongst physicians can be a huge advantage for your practice. Creating a positive work environment means your physicians are more likely to stay with your practice. In turn, the physician’s longer tenure will attract more qualified physicians to your practice.

Some things to consider when creating a positive working environment are bonuses, manageable workloads, paid time off, retirement, life insurance, disabilities, and other special benefits. Ask your current physicians what they like about your practice and where they think the practice could improve.

During your physician recruitment, make sure each candidate understands your benefits package. Any benefits that your practice offers like bonuses, retirement plans, shareholder opportunities, licensing, and medical malpractice insurance should all be clearly communicated to the candidate.

One important aspect of being a physician is knowing that you have paid time off and a work-life balance. Although it can be difficult, try to provide physicians with as much flexibility as possible.

Overall, it is important to determine which candidates are a good fit for your practice, and if those candidates feel the same way. Find out what each candidate wants out of their career and how you can help them achieve that. If you are hiring new physicians contact Zetter HealthCare online at (717) 691-6768. We will help you find the best candidates for your business and create a culture that retains those physicians.

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