Medical Billing, Collections & Accounts Receivable Management

When implemented correctly, medical billing, collections, and account management produce revenue and profits for the practice. It’s crucial that practices set up a revenue cycle management that ensures all money owed to the practice is collected.

Medical Billing

Medical billing requires experienced and knowledgeable professionals to ensure claims are prepared and submitted properly.  Different specialties will require specific knowledge and training to ensure claims are submitted with the proper codes and modifiers. Additionally, it is crucial to consistently check that you are following the payor policies to ensure payment for services rendered.

Many physicians and/or providers will try to hire internal personnel to handle these responsibilities. In some cases, they may also outsource to a billing company.  The challenge is hiring staff or a billing company with the correct knowledge and experience when you do not know much about billing and collections or what metrics you evaluate. If you have not performed the work before or you do not know much about coding, billing, payor medical policies, claim denials, appeals, etc., then how can you properly vet billing staff or a billing company?

That is where Zetter HealthCare comes in. We ensure your billing and collections are done properly and thoroughly and that your practice is getting paid for the services they provide. For more information on billing and collections contact us or call our offices at (717) 691-6768.

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