Price Transparency

Zetter HealthCare now offers a groundbreaking new service to empower your practice and gain a competitive advantage like never before. Gain confidence in your payment agreements, leverage industry data to negotiate better contracts, and understand how your pricing compares with competitors with Price Transparency from Zetter HealthCare.

Thanks to new legislation that requires commercial health insurers to publish their pricing data, pricing is more transparent than ever before, holding payers to a new standard of accountability and giving you an unprecedented competitive advantage. Zetter HealthCare’s Price Transparency service analyzes this wealth of information and converts it to meaningful, actionable insights to empower your practice. Our team of analysts dissects data from all major commercial insurers across all 50 states and compares it to your contracted rates so you know precisely where you compare with the industry. Zetter allows you to identify how your competitors are compensated, enabling you to benchmark and strategize effectively in the highly competitive healthcare landscape.

Zetter provides contract reimbursement data for all plans across contracts with providers, facilities, services, and more. Price Transparency can benefit every practice seeking to unlock new revenue streams, negotiate better contracts, or understand your position in the market.

Whether you’re an established provider or just starting your own practice Price Transparency arms you with the data to understand the nuances of commercial payer reimbursements. Don’t give payers the upper hand—with Zetter HealthCare, you can feel confident you’re paid what you’re worth.

Contact Zetter HealthCare at (717) 691-6768 to find out where you stand with insurance companies and strengthen your contracts with Price Transparency today.

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