Turnkey Building Solutions

Zetter HealthCare is excited to offer turnkey building solutions for healthcare practices. With the help of Zetter HealthCare and our premier construction partners, Williams Development Partners, you can build your very own practice from the ground up. That way, you own the building and have a real estate investment in addition to your practice. Our team provides superior development, financing, and construction services for healthcare practices. Starting with site selection, we will guide you through the process of bringing your healthcare practice to fruition with our comprehensive real estate development team.

Our team will handle every aspect of your project process from start to finish, from development and financing, to design, permitting, construction, turnover, and more. We are here to bring your dream of building and owning your own practice to life.

Integrated Development

Turnkey Business SolutionThe first step in building your own healthcare practice is site selection and land development. Our experts will evaluate the site, and take into account any variables that may cause construction prices to increase. Our experts ensure that problems are discovered and taken care of before starting the design and construction processes. This certifies that design and construction can begin without any complications. We will also take care of site excavation, if necessary, and ensure your construction can begin in a timely fashion.

Turnkey Building Solutions & Design

Next, Zetter HealthCare works with our premier construction partners and architects at Williams Development Partners to design your ideal space. We work with you to understand your goals and vision for your practice. Then, we figure out how to fit that vision into your budget. Our goal when designing is to provide the greatest quality building with the greatest value. It is important that we understand your aesthetic requirements, and create an environment that is cost-effective, durable, and most importantly meets your needs as a healthcare practice owner. Above all, we want to set you up for success. Additionally, we will ensure that your construction meets all zoning and coding requirements.


One of the most important steps is, of course, construction. Zetter HealthCare works closely with our premier construction partners and designers to construct a building that is efficient and meets your needs as a healthcare practice owner. We will take care of all construction plans, scheduling, and oversight so that it is complete on-time and on budget.

Values & Philosophy

Our goal is to improve the client experience by creating a building optimized to meet the needs of healthcare practices. We always keep our clients’ best interests in mind and aim to provide them with the absolute best value. We treat each project as if it was our own healthcare practice, and strive to create the best possible building. At Zetter HealthCare we optimize the working environment for our clients.

Zetter HealthCare is here to provide superior building services to bring your dream of owning a healthcare practice to life. For more information regarding development, design, and construction services, contact Zetter HealthCare or give us a call at (717) 691-6768.

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