Practice Start-Up

Many physicians long to open their own practice, but do not know where to start. At Zetter HealthCare, we are pleased to provide practice start-up services. Each year, we help many companies start their practices and set them up for success long before their doors open. Overall, we help more healthcare organizations open yearly than most other consulting firms.

We can assist in practice start-ups for all specialties and types of practices across the country. Starting with entity formation, we will walk you through all the necessary steps to open your practice. Zetter HealthCare will also create a checklist for you that covers everything you need to accomplish up to three years prior to your opening date.


Before Your Doors Open

Since we believe each company is different, we personalize our practice start-up services to your needs. Depending on your practice, you will need to complete a unique checklist of tasks before your opening date. It is crucial to give yourself ample time to prepare to open. Additionally, we encourage you never to make impulse purchases or decisions regarding software, equipment, and staffing. Here is a general outline of a pre-opening checklist:

  • Incorporate your business as a legal entity
  • Create detailed financial and business plans
  • Credential physicians
  • Establish policies and procedures
  • Buy private medical insurance and any other insurance required by your bank
  • Hire a practice consultant
  • Hire clinic staff

Learn more in our article, How to Start a Medical Practice Step-by-Step.


Zetter HealthCare will walk you through your checklist and timeline to ensure everything is done correctly and in the proper time frame. Our experts have been through this process several times, and we will be here to help you do any research and make recommendations and decisions with you. We can be as hands-on as you need us to be. Whether you want us to complete your checklist for you, or if you would like to complete the tasks on your own, we can always offer you guidance to ensure you are on the right track. At Zetter HealthCare, we are committed to helping you open a successful medical practice.

If you consider opening your own practice, contact Zetter HealthCare at (717) 691-6768.