Practice Valuation

Thinking about selling your practice? Zetter HealthCare can help you pinpoint the value of your practice to ensure you receive the highest value possible. While we are not certified valuation experts, the professionals at Zetter HealthCare are extremely skilled at determining the value of healthcare practices and helping clients sell their businesses for top dollar. We offer a proper valuation of your healthcare practice without the huge cost of a certified expert.

Working with Potential Buyers

Practice ValuationIf you are considering selling your practice, the buying party should pay for the certified valuation of your practice. The experts at Zetter HealthCare can take that valuation and dissect it to ensure the highest payout possible. Next, we can formulate a proper number that we believe your practice should be valued at. Then, you may take our recommendations and rationale into negotiations with your potential buyer. Our valuation will help you explain in detail why you believe your practice may be valued higher than their offer.

Conversely, Zetter HealthCare can also assist a potential buyer in valuing a practice. During this process, we will evaluate what the purchase price should be. After going through an in-depth valuation of the company, we can then decide what that practice is truly worth. Then, you can use our recommendations to make an offer that is conducive to the value of the practice.

However, if your practice does require a certified valuation expert, we are able to assist you in finding one.

For more information on valuation, contact Zetter HealthCare online or call us at (717) 691-6768.

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