Productivity Based and Other Compensation Packages

An important part of owning a healthcare practice is knowing how to split income and revenue based on different variables, like productivity. At Zetter HealthCare, we can help you formulate compensation packages that will benefit your organization and your hard-working employees.

Compensation Packages

Compensation PackagesZetter HealthCare aims to help practices and providers understand what productivity numbers look like, and create compensation packages based on those numbers. However, salaries do not give employees an incentive to work harder. Therefore, the goal of creating compensation packages is to reward employees for going above and beyond. In turn, those employees who choose to work harder and more hours should be compensated accordingly. At Zetter HealthCare, we help you create compensation formulas that give your employees incentives to work harder.

Compensation packages are a great way to keep employees happy. Generally, keeping employees happy means that there will be less turnover, which saves the business money. Overall, compensation formulas benefit the entire company.

Zetter HealthCare can determine how to track all of the metrics and convert them into compensation formulas for providers.

Income Split Formula

If you are an owner in a healthcare organization, Zetter HealthCare can create an income split formula that distributes profits to each of the owners. We can also change this formula at any time, and revise it to fit the needs of all owners.

For more information on compensation formulas, contact Zetter HealthCare online or call us at (717) 691-6768.

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