Chart Reviews

If you own a healthcare practice, you know how essential chart reviews are.  Chart reviews can demonstrate how well your company is currently performing while also making recommendations for the future. They can also flag claims that are not processed correctly, identify coding issues, and much more. As a result, many healthcare practices conduct annual chart reviews to keep track of their progress and lost revenue.

Zetter HealthCare chart reviews help practices meet compliance requirements, improve and recover missing revenue, and improve internal processes.

Documentation and Coding Audit

Chart ReviewsZetter HealthCare chart reviews identify existing coding and documentation issues within your company. Coding and documentation problems could affect your company’s revenue and put you at risk for compliance violations. It’s extremely important to fix these issues. Our system ensures that your coding and documentation are done properly moving forward.

Special Investigations and Payor Recoupments

If a payer requests a recoupment from your practice, you’ll need to determine whether the repayment is valid. Zetter HealthCare uses CMS and CPT coding to validate claims and uncover errors in reviews. Our professionals can determine if the physician’s work in your practice is thoroughly reflected in the documentation. We train your providers to complete better documentation in order to avoid special investigations and payor recoupments.

Chart Reviews Underpayment Recovery

During a chart review, Zetter HealthCare detects payment variances and flags underpaid or incorrectly closed claims. We also assist you in recovering your practice’s missing payments.

Report & Errors

It is important that your providers document and bill correctly. Zetter HealthCare provides a comprehensive report for each provider. This report includes the total rate of errors and information on whether the provider documented, coded, and billed the correct amount for each record. You may use these reports to teach your providers better practices.

Audit Details

During your chart review, we execute a full audit of your coding and documentation. This process finds any existing coding and documentation issues that you might be unaware of. It is extremely important to know and understand these issues so that you are not at risk for non-compliance. If unresolved, these mistakes may affect your revenue.

Chart Reviews Best Practices

Finding out the best practices for your business is the greatest benefit of a chart review. Zetter HealthCare chart reviews provide you with detailed suggestions on how you can improve your documentation. This helps avoid future mistakes and guarantees your practice is earning the correct revenue.

Training & Education

Zetter HealthCare provides practices with a comprehensive chart review and assists in identifying cost-effective methods specific to each practice. It’s important to train your providers to properly document and code so that the practice is earning its deserved revenue. We evaluate each providers’ documentation and make recommendations on how they can improve. This helps the entire practice become more effective and profitable.

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