How to Deal With the Hidden Problem of Insurer Underpayments

Leigh Page

Dec 27, 2023

5 Ways Docs May Qualify for Discounts on Medical Malpractice Premiums

Christine Lehmann
May 10, 2023

Chain Reaction: Safety Data Sheets Linked to
Improved Workplaces

Mark Harris
March/April 2023

Do The Write Thing: Brush Up on the Fundamentals of Healthcare Compliance

Mark Harris
November/December 2022

Would a National Provider Directory Save Docs’ Time, Help Patients?

Ken Terry
October 20, 2022
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Why physicians need business training to succeed today.

Medical Economics
November 2021
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Lara Health RPM Webinar

Discussion of the most important issues facing independent healthcare professionals are facing today

June 28 2021
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8 budget-friendly ways to market your practice during COVID-19

Medical Economics
Lisa A. Eramo, MA
February 2021


The Claim Game:
Overcoming Health Insurance Reimbursement Denials

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Nov/Dec 2020
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Thinking about ‘going solo’?
Seven tips to consider before opening an independent physician practice

Lisa A. Eramo
November 2020
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Eight budget-friendly ways to market your practice during COVID-19

Lisa A. Eramo
November 2020
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Taking Notes

Dermatology World
June 2018
Credentialing Contracting

Streamlining Appointment Setting and Reminding

Clinical Practice Today
August 2014

Take Advantage of ICD-10 Delay

June 2014

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