Judy Roden

Judy Roden, AAPC, CPC, CPB, CPMA, works with Credentialing and Contracting at Zetter Healthcare Management Consultants.

Roden provides this service to new practice start-ups and maintains and resolves issues with established practices experiencing unresolved applications for contracting. She has almost 30 years of experience in the field of business healthcare.

Before joining Zetter HealthCare, she performed various functions such as revenue cycle management, managed multi-million-dollar collections, audit reviews, assisted denials for Medicare, commercial payment posting, patient accounts reimbursement, and payment posting reimbursement for insurance denials. She also performed provider enrollment services for government programs, acted as a research specialist for insurance and patient accounts, and worked on credentialing and contracting projects.

Roden has hands-on experience consistently engages in webinars, workshops, courses, and resource books, and has a great understanding of how each piece of the revenue cycle interacts with each other. She is an active member of the Mid-Missouri chapter of the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC) and accepted the nomination of vice president and ultimately president of that chapter.

Working for each facility and practice in the past, Roden considers it a mission to ensure financial stability in capturing every dollar possible by working and reviewing insurance claims submitted. From reviewing AR reports and insurance claims and trends, Roden captured thousands of dollars in lost revenue hidden in claim rejections due to various causes.

After transitioning into medical auditing, she took on various projects in compliance auditing and purchase buyouts. She enjoys rooting out accuracies and errors to bring discrepancies to a successful resolution.

Roden finds the interactions between members and patients, medical providers and clinical staff, and billing office staff, and payors extremely interesting. She spends many hours studying every aspect of the revenue cycle.

Roden and her husband have also created and maintained various businesses, providing her with a unique perspective on what an administration or group of providers encounter as they strive to maintain their businesses.

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Judy Roden
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