Tierra Paige

Joining the Zetter HealthCare (ZHC) team was an intentional career move for Tierra.

After studying real estate at Alan Kells School of Real Estate and developing her skills in customer service and project-process management, Tierra decided she wanted to help others in a more meaningful way. This initially led her to Novitas Solutions, a Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC) located in central Pennsylvania, and a career in health insurance.

Over the next 6 years (2016-2022), Tierra honed her skills and knowledge of CMS guidelines by working directly with Medicare where she also played a key role in the provider enrollment department during the peak of the Covid pandemic. One of her key areas of expertise included assisting with express enrollments for providers, which helped to ensure patients were taken care of quickly and effectively. Tierra also became a mentor to new hires and every year helped Novitas Solutions to meet its goals and retain its contracts with CMS.

Upon joining ZHC in 2022, Tierra quickly adapted and expanded her skills to assist ZHC clients with credentialing and building the most successful practices in the US.

Tierra may be reached at 717.691.6768, by e‐mail at tpaige@zetter.com mentoring new hires

David J. Zetter
Tierra Paige
Credentialing Specialist